Support for police ‘just doing their job’

Re ‘‘Crossing Offence Harsh‘‘ (Your View, December 13).

It saddens and angers me to read Olivia’s comments.

For the sake of one or two minutes, she had the opportunity to teach her children how to cross at lights carefully.

Having been corrected by the police officers, it should have been another lesson to her children the consequences of doing something wrong rather than making the policemen frightening to her children.

When will parents realise that children learn by example rather than a “we can get away with this” attitude.

Kay, Beverly Hills

You committed an offence, get over it, pay the fine and learn by your mistake.

You made a judgement to cross the Kingsway with a pram, cars can come out of nowhere, the first to get hit is your child.

The police operation was done there for a reason because of people such as yourself.

M Black, Cronulla

A reader and local recently and vehemently expressed her distaste for receiving an infringement for comitting an offence.

Despite what people may think the law applies to everyone all the time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s quiet. It doesn’t matter if you have your "very upset children" with you.

The law is the law. 

Pedestrians are getting knocked down in increasing numbers.

Society can only function if we all toe the line. The police are doing their job.


What a great opportunity to teach your children right from wrong.

Yes, Mum did the wrong thing and she got in trouble.

However the police, whom we should always respect were just trying to keep us safe.

They are here to protect us, just like firemen/women. Perfect!