Short + Sweet letters to the editor

I sincerely thank Georges River councillors Symington, Landsberry, Tegg, Payor, Grekas, Katris and Konjarski who all undertook to oppose Cr Badalati’s motion ("Oatley Park restaurant off the menu", Leader, January 3). 

I also commend the pro-environment, anti-overdevelopment policies promoted by Crs Greene and Kastanias during the recent election campaign.

Councillors will soon decide the fate of that old skeleton-in-the-closet, the Myles Dunphy Reserve development which ex-Hurstville councillors (including Badalati, Wu, Hindi and Liu) discussed in secret. 

That, along with other matters, lead to the local government minister classifying Hurstville Council as dysfunctional, and he even threatened to suspend it.

With green space in such short supply, and with so many environmental factors weighing against the Myles Dunphy plan (not to mention bushfire risk!),  let’s hope that commonsense prevails and our new councillors will ditch it as well.  

That will ensure councillors stay out of the headlines, leaving the dark days of Hurstville behind. They will also then stand a good chance of being re-elected in 2020.

Peter Mahoney, Oatley 

F6 portals for port trucks

I note new traffic counters on both President Avenue and West Botany Street, laid shortly after stage 1 of the F6 proposal was announced.

With tongue in cheek, the proposal, especially the portal at President Avenue, will offer the ideal setting for another truck parking lot, especially after 3pm on weekdays, to mimic the constipation at the Marsh-West Botany Streets Arncliffe M5 portal, and will also replace the traffic lining President Avenue.

I would even hazard to say that this is in the interest of accommodating the plethora of trucks from the expanded Port Botany, not public commuters or advancing the F6 concept. 

R Piech, Sans Souci