Amendments to Heathcote Hall plans 'meaningless' say residents

Revised plans for the proposed Heathcote Hall estate development have done nothing to soften the opposition of residents.

A further two homes were shaved off in changes to the development application (DA), lodged just before Christmas.

Phil Targett, a member of Save Heathcote East, and owner of a consulting civil and structural engineering company, said the amendments made no significant difference.

“Reducing the five-level flat and town house complex [two levels are below ground] from 57 dwellings to 55 is meaningless and a slap in the face for local residents,” he said.

“The plans are a monstrosity and should be rejected not only by the council but the Sydney South Planning Panel simply because the development does not satisfy the requirements of the LEP in respect of the significant effect it will have on the amenity of the suburb.”

Mr Targett said the DA showed the excavation period would be up to three months, for six days a week.

“Up to 50,000 tonnes of material is calculated to be removed,” he said.

“That equates to 12 tonne trucks entering or leaving the site every five minutes for 10 hours per day, six days a week for up to three months – if everything goes well.

“Then, the building materials are to be imported and the complex built over a planned 18 month period.

“How does all that activity and traffic congestion not significantly affect the amenity of the surrounding area and cause massive traffic, noise, dust, damage and safety issues?”

Mr Targett said, “just down the road”, major building works were being undertaken at John Paul Village, with a large crane overhead.

“East Heathcote has had enough,” he said. “The area is zoned E 4. On the Heathcote Hall site we will only accept up to 16 normal houses.

“In this tiny one square kilometre village, we already have 548 dwellings as well as 164 homes in high and medium density complexes, including townhouses, villas and dual occupancy complexes.

“In addition, a major redevelopment of John Paul Village is taking place. 

“We cannot take any more.”

Mr Targett said Heathcote East had 3184 residents, of whom nearly a third were in medium and high density developments.

“The Heathcote Hall proposal will force upon this area 55 more high density buildings and increase the population by 162 people,” he said.

“With this increase in density, and only one entrance and exit over a tiny bridge, comes the enormous risk of a catastrophic fire wreaking havoc in this tiny community.

“This community, which has had to be evacuated in the past, is designated by council as bushfire prone and has been exposed to three major bushfires in just the last 23 years.”

Residents Against Over Development spokesman Patrick Kennedy, called for a united political approach to defeat the plans.

He said Heathcote MP Lee Evans, mayor Carmelo Pesce and other two D Ward councillors Diedree Steinwall and Greg McLean, along with Labor candidate for Heathcote Maryanne Stuart and federal MP for Hughes Craig Kelly should join forces against the bid, which will be decided by the Sydney South Planning Panel.