Applications open for $100 Active Kids rebate for sporting and fitness activities

The $100 voucher can be put towards registration for sporting competitions.
The $100 voucher can be put towards registration for sporting competitions.

Parents can apply from today (January 31) for the state government’s new $100 rebate to help meet their children’s sporting and fitness-related costs.

However, a full list of approved providers has not yet been finalised.

The state government’s Active Kids rebate, which was announced in the 2017 budget, is available to all children of school age and is not means-tested.

One voucher can be claimed for each child per year for the next four years and parents have until December 31 to claim and use their 2018 voucher.

The rebate is designed to help meet the cost of of sports registration, membership expenses and fees for physical activities such as swimming, dance lessons and athletics.

A list of approved providers is shown on the website, but is not yet complete, with more to be added in coming weeks.

Implementation of the scheme appears to have been more difficult than expected.

The government said last year the rebate would be available from January 1, 2018.

To apply, visit: or call: 13 77 88.


Under guidelines released last year, the voucher can be used for registration or membership fees for structured activities of no less than eight weeks’ duration that provide a moderate to vigorous level of physical activity, for example:

  • Sporting pursuits.
  • Swimming lessons.
  • Structured fitness program.
  • Outdoor education programs.
  • Approved active recreation (dance etc).
  • Equipment ordinarily provided by the provider on registration for competition.

Ineligible activities include:

  • Programs less than eight weeks’ duration.
  • Gym membership that is not part of a structured program.
  • Activities that are part of the school curriculum or conducted during school hours.
  • After-school care services and tutors.
  • School-run competitions, including weekend and inter-school sport competitions or activities.

Costs that are excluded are:

  • Individual items such as jerseys, socks, boots, clothing or equipment that would usually be purchased from a retailer and paid for by the individual as part of participating in the activity separate to any membership or registration fees charged by the provider.
  • Travel to and from competitions.