Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull goes back to school at Oatley West

If education is the passport to the future, then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was taken on a tour of tomorrow when he visited Oatley West Public School today.

The students of Oatley West gave the Prime Minister demonstrations in computer coding, mathematics and drone technology.

The PM returned the favour by taking a selfie with the students.

Mr Turnbull chose to visit Oatley West Public School to mark the start of the school year.

Accompanied by Banks MP David Coleman, he visited classrooms and took questions from students.

During his visit he dropped into class where students were computer coding.

The students were coding to make their favourite Star Wars and Minecraft characters move across computer screens.

Mr Coleman said it was a way to encourage them to learn about computer programming in a way that makes it interesting.

The students also also gave the Prime Minister a demonstration of the school’s drone.

Mr Turnbull also visited a Year 1 class in mathematics and then took questions from the school captains and prefects.

They asked if he was a prefect at his school.

Mr Turnbull said he had been.

They asked whether he enjoyed being Prime Minister.

He replied that he did and said it was a great privilege to have the job.

He then took time to read Enid Blyton to the students.

“It was great to have the Prime Minister at Oatley West and to see all the good work going on at the school,” Mr Coleman said.

“We were there for an hour-and-a-half so it was a really good chance to look around the school and talk to the students.

“The kids really seemed to enjoy it. There were lots of high-fives.”


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