Sorting through recycling issues

Up and running: Eleni Petinos, Chad Townsend, Mark Speakman and Valentine Holmes try out the reverse vending machine at Shark Park.
Up and running: Eleni Petinos, Chad Townsend, Mark Speakman and Valentine Holmes try out the reverse vending machine at Shark Park.

Sorting through the issues 

I expected state MPs Petinos and Speakman to hang their heads in embarrassment rather than beam from the front page of the Leader (January 17) while standing in front of the first reverse vending machines to be installed in the shire. 

The first!

During 2017 attempts to persuade the state government to match other states with legislation regarding the use of plastic bags were met with the statement that the first priority was the bottle/can recycling scheme to be announced with much fanfare in early December. 

When it came, what a damp squib it was. 

An evasive minister refused to explain why the bottles and cans which currently litter our waterways and beaches were to be excluded from the scheme, a list of recycling venues was issued which rapidly diminished within days as startled shopkeepers withdrew, and any public enthusiasm for the cause was left to dissipate.

According to your article, Mr Speakman thinks “we are back on track now’’, yet down here in Engadine/Heathcote we are yet to see any sign of recycling facilities so environmental littering will carry on as before. 

This government has become complacent and inefficient after a long time in office – it’s probably time for it to be recycled!

Stephen Dixon, Engadine

The new facility at Shark park for return and earn is a great community initiative only some people have trouble reading.

The amount of rubbish left beside the facility over the weekend was ridiculous especially when customers are requested not to leave anything behind and to take it with you upon finishing. 

Even the bin labeled plastic bags only had rubbish jammed inside. What is it they don’t understand or are they just too lazy to do the right thing.

Zuzu Burford, Heathcote

Re the letters ‘‘Cashing in on Containers’’ (Your View, January 24). Did I see Valentine Holmes holding a bottle with the lid still on?  On a council organised trip around Menai tip we were told that bottles must have lids removed for recycling otherwise they go into ’landfill’  - the reason they are two types of plastic. Is this still the case?

Margaret Senior

The over the counter Return & Earn facility at Loftus is an absolute joke.   

There is no signage to indicate the presence of this activity at the address nominated. 

Next you need to understand the service station attendant is not joking when he tells you that the recycling facility is "in" the car wash.

The car wash attendant confirms that to get to the recycling facility you need to pass through the car wash area and the last straw, he tells you to wait 2 hours before he can attend to your recycling.  Needless to say I still have my recycling to deposit.

I mark this facility a zero for any performance marker you would care to nominate.

Peter Smith, Heathcote