‘Plain greedy’ on parking

All day parking is very hard to come by for business owners in Sutherland. 

The only spaces that are ever empty are in the council reserved area of the all-day car park behind the Entertainment Centre, where the public cannot park. 

So I was really annoyed when the council in their wisdom decided to commandeer another large row of the available spaces in this car park which have mainly stood empty ever since. 

Why do the council need to take so many spaces that are not being utilised? 

Why should my staff have to go out twice a day and drive around Sutherland for 15 minutes trying to find a parking space, it is costing me money and them fuel, while all day spaces are sitting unused? 

The fact that the council has commandeered so much of this car park and are not even using the spaces is wrong and plain greedy when so many people need them.

Richard  Taylor, Kirrawee