Jet-ski near miss at Brighton-Le-Sands

On Saturday, January 20 my 18-year-old son was at the beach at Brighton-Le-Sands with his 12-year-old brother and his friend.

They were in the shallow end of the water up to a metre high.

My older son had his back to a jet-ski, when his younger brother noticed it coming straight towards him. 

He yelled out "watch out" at which point his older brother turned around and feared for his life. 

He had two seconds to duck under water to avoid a very bad accident unfortunately he still sustained deep lacerations to his upper head.

The driver of the jet ski knew what he had done as my son still got up as his head was running out with blood. 

The driver just apologised and took off. 

We are asking for any witnesses that may of seen or heard anything. The description of the person is middle eastern in appearance, bald with facial hair and chubby. 

He was riding a blue and white jet-ski and the incident occurred around 4.45pm to 5.05pm. 

My son was very lucky and no permanent damage was done. There were younger children nearby at the time -  if it had hit one of them the circumstances would have been severe or possibly fatal. 

We need more resources so that the police could set harsher penalties. There should also be jet-ski exclusion zones.

This matter will be taken further to help protect our children and others in public.

Joanne Stassos, Macquarie Fields