What local government reform?

I was heartened to see at least one other resident appalled at Georges River Council’s selection of candidates to the Joint Regional Planning Committee. 

Was it a test to see if the Minister is paying attention? 

Appointing the only councillor to be labelled a developer by the Department of Local Government? 

I suppose the expertise requirement is covered?

Meanwhile, said councillor pleads guilty to charges of  “assault occasioning actual bodily harm.” 

Yes, not the lesser charge of common assault, but, one of a more serious nature and, despite the assailed person (from a similar political persuasion) withdrawing from proceedings, to their credit, the Police continued with the prosecution, sadly to no avail by an all too lenient magistrate?

So why does this matter? 

Well, clearly it doesn’t to our learned Magistrate at Sutherland, but, you may think it would be of concern to fellow councillors and your good selves when the State Government has invested so much energy into Local Government ‘reform.’

I contacted two councillors asking that they move a motion condemning Cr Hindi’s behaviour and actions at the December 2017 Council Meeting and seeking departmental intervention (as per the Code of Conduct) 

Not a word, (or even a reply or acknowledgement) but, the local paper reports a unanimous decision, on the motion of one of those contacted councillors, to seek more support services for crisis accommodation for domestic violence victims.

Is this irony or just stupidity and indifference?  

This is a zero tolerance area.

I am afraid that I cannot have any confidence in a council that says one thing and does nothing when they are shielding their “self confessed” own. 

Gregory Briscoe-Hough, Mortdale