Thee Good Filo launches at Ramsgate with a homage to Hellenism

Having spread milk bars and democracy in Australia, the Greeks continue to shape Sydney food trends in 2018. 

A Greek patisserie, the Good Filo, has just launched at Ramsgate.

The Good Filo offers a fusion of mouth-watering taste through its array of hand-made Hellenism-inspired pastries, bougatses, tsourekia, as well as other Greek inspired delights with a modern Greek-Australian twist. 

The Good Filo has been established by cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and baker Kiriakos Metaxotos.

As third generation bakers, the chefs and owners of The Good Filo pay homage to Thessaloniki and its forefathers, by offering traditional Greek delights crafted from recipes that have been passed on through generations. 

“We learn so much from our elders. The best thing my Yiayia ever taught me was how to love. Not just other people, but everything I do, especially baking,’’ Co-owner Aki Daikos said

“She would say, ‘If it’s not lovingly handmade, then recipes won’t help you. Even the finest ingredients will taste horrible.’ Luckily as third generation bakers, we’re doing Yiayia proud.

‘‘There really isn’t a place like it in Sydney and it’s always been my dream to bring my motherland to Sydney.’’

Metaxotos said the launch of The Good Filo on Rocky Point Road was much more than another restaurant opening.

‘‘For me, baking is in our DNA, as is Greek hospitality. At The Good Filo, we offer the same level of Greek hospitality, known as Filoxenia, which Greece has become renowned for. 

‘‘The Good Filo isn’t merely a restaurant, but an experience, it’s a place where you can meet with family and friends, catch up on old times, debate everything, laugh wholeheartedly and watch our bakers turn out some of the most amazing pastries,’’ he said.

The menu will boast home cooked traditional Greek dishes including gourmet salads, Greek pites, Paninis, pastries, moussaka, baklava, house made daily bread and traditional Greek Frappe coffee.

Popular dishes include the Bougatsa, a Greek pastry consisting of semolina custard, cheese, or minced meat filling between layers of filo and the Galaktoboureko, semolina custard wrapped in golden filo.

Patrons also won’t be able to go past the Peynerli, a boat-shaped Greek pizza with a fluffy and thick base, a traditional dish that was brought by the Greeks who lived by the Black Sea almost 100 years ago and the Tsoureki, a soft and fluffy pastry with a beautiful brown semi-soft crust and an amazing stringy texture that is rich in flavour – once put in the oven, the intense aromas of the sweet spices permeates the space.

The Good Filo 336-342 Rocky Point Road Ramsgate. Monday to Sunday 6am – 6pm.

Details: @thegoodfilo on Instagram and Facebook.