Young and old welcomed at club

Picture: SGDAC Facebook
Picture: SGDAC Facebook

It is a shame Mr Legend experienced significant prices rises in the cost of his children’s sports, coinciding with the NSW Government $100 Active Kids rebate (“Active Kids rebate cost me money”, Your View, January 31).

This joins counter-productive price rises linked to other noble initiatives such as the First Home Buyers Scheme and the Return and Earn Recycling Deposit.

Sporting organisations play a significant role in reducing costs to the public health budget.

Many sports are run by volunteers, and administering these rebates adds to the time they give up.

However it is concerning that for-profit organisations are cited as significantly increasing their fees.

I would like to reassure Mr Legend and readers that in contrast the not-for-profit St George District Athletic Club, home of 12 Olympians, and Paralympians, subsidises junior athletes of all abilities. Little Athletics members may join our club at no extra cost, and we pay part of the ANSW registration fee (no club joining fee) for youth who are non LAC members.

Running is the basis for so many of our professional sports, and provides well documented benefits to physical and mental health as well as a sense of achievement and the joy of free movement.

This is what the rebate seeks to achieve. 

Our club has runners aged from 8 to 80, some joining to set a good example for their children and becoming accomplished athletes themselves or staying healthy and vital well into their years.

We encourage readers of all ages to try a sport or recreation activity and to use the NSW Office of Sport’s Find a Club webpage -

We hit the ground running on Saturday, March 17 at Scarborough Park from 1.30pm.

Dave Kistle, General Secretary SGDAC, Beverly Hills