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Roundabout rules

The rules for roundabouts in NSW are very clear, and to state the act: "Vehicles entering a roundabout must give way to any vehicle already in the roundabout." There is no such rule as ‘‘give way to the right‘‘ and if drivers thought about this nonsense urban myth how far ‘‘on the right‘‘ would a vehicle have to be in order to give way? -  1m, 10ms, 100m? If you force your way in on the right and cause the accident you are at fault, not the vehicle already in the roundabout.

Robert Fraser, Cronulla

Movie etiquette

Is it OK to pull out an almost foot long bread roll and proceed to munch on it during the movie stinking out the small theatre with onion fumes? This is what I witnessed at Cronulla Theatre during a screening of The Post recently. The seat was left covered in bread crumbs with salad items on the carpet. I felt sorry for the lovely young man on the door tasked with the clean up.

Elizabeth  P, Yowie Bay

If a tree falls on a car ...

I expect that if one of my trees falls and causes damage then either my insurance company or I am liable. Apparently not so Sutherland Shire Council. A branch from a council tree on a nature strip fell on my son’s car and it was written off by his insurance company. The council denies any responsibility , stating  ‘‘it can only be assumed that the branch was weakened due to natural inherent growing conditions of the tree or to the prevailing weather conditions‘‘, therefore council is not liable. I must try this on my insurance company if damage results from one of my trees. Car insurance company did not want to follow up so my son lost his excess of $650. Not justice in my view. Does council acknowledge it has a responsibility to keep our environment safe?

John Dodson, Burraneer