Where is Kogarah suburb going?

Medium density residential buildings without accessible visitor/off-the-street parking leave tradesmen and regular building maintenance workers using Bank Lane, a narrow laneway running parallel to Gladstone Street, for illegal parking. 

All the residents from these buildings, which face onto Premier Street, use the laneway for car entry/exit into their building. 

It’s busy in this laneway.

Once a week, the garbage truck rumbles along the laneway, to collect the garbage from these buildings. 

Lots of noise but also lots of rubbish/garbage strewn in the laneway. 

So, happy ravens, ibis, magpies and smaller birds ’raiding’ the garbage bins for food. The next morning, the council’s street cleaner comes along, attempting to sweep up the remaining garbage from the laneway.

This will worsen, very soon. 

Georges River Council amended the New City Plan, buildings facing onto Gladstone Street will be 39 metres plus, high-rise residential. 

It is reasonable to surmise that the laneway will be even more crowded with residents’ traffic, illegal parking on the kerb and more garbage bins in the laneway.  

On-street car parking for visitors to the residential buildings is limited, visitor car parking in basement car parks limited.  

Where is Kogarah suburb going?

T Kot, Kogarah