Land valuing ‘sham’

Re the article ‘‘Strong growth in land values‘‘ (Leader, January 31).

I am aware of many properties in the Hurstville area where the land values are anything but consistent.

Neighbours and friends are all bamboozled by the claim by the state government that land values are all about the value of the actual land and not the "property" including improvements.

If that were the case a parcel of land that was significantly greater than 5 per cent say than another next door should have a lesser land value, it never does and the explanation is  “Property sales are the most important factor considered’’.

Which is a way of saying it’s almost totally based on improved value! 

If it’s not then the government should publish the actual mathematical formula used and not resort to the current secret masonic system of valuing land.

Of course the valuers don’t want to upset the valuable income apple cart so they continue the sham.

John Dodson, Hurstville