Road should remain ‘free’

Kathryn Calman’s statement  in the Leader (‘‘Call for traffic calming’’, January 24) regarding traffic in Beverly Hills advises that the RMS own report shows traffic volume will increase by 40 per cent once they start charging a toll on the state owned road known as the M5 East which is currently free.

When the toll was introduced on the M4 , Parramatta Road traffic volume became congested as workers can not afford the huge increased expense to get to work.

My questions to our local politicians are:

How can our government possibly think that King Georges, Stoney Creek and Canterbury roads can possibly cope with any further traffic volume than at present. Just look at the gridlock at 5pm each week day.

Is it legal to charge a toll on currently free roads and what other free roads are you intending to charge a toll on? 

Will the government be introducing a Cash Back scheme for private motorists using the M5 East like is in place on the M5?

The public understands a toll on new additional roads will occur, but it is not fair to charge a toll on the section of road that is currently free.

Bonny Russell