Residents warn of 'serious consequences' over proposed development in Caringbah medical precinct

Home owners have expressed fears they will be bullied into having to accept greatly reduced prices for their properties in the new high-rise medical precinct at Caringbah.

More than 20 property owners in Flide Street signed a submission saying a a proposed six-storey building at 376-382 Kingsway would have “serious consequences” if approved.

The project includes four ground level medical spaces, 42 apartments and two levels of parking.

Developers receive bonus building heights and reduced floor space ratios for projects that include both medical suites and apartments.

The development application (DA) departs from the site amalgamation pattern set by Sutherland Shire Council in that the building  would be confined to four properties on Kingsway.

Under the amalgamation plan, developments should extend from Kingsway through to Flide Street, with vehicle access and service facilities at the rear.

The submission to the DA by the Flide Street residents said, if approved, the development would lead to “a serious decrease” in the value of their properties.

“The developers will bully or threaten Flide Street property owners into lower prices as they would be able to build six-storey units overlooking our properties if we don not agree to their offers,” the submission said.

“We would have little or no opportunity to negotiate a fair or reasonable price.”

The submission said most Flide Street residents would be happy to be included in the development, but some had already been bullied by various real estate agents and developers to accept lower prices than those offered to Kingsway owners.

The residents also said allowing the new development to have its vehicle entry and exit on Kingsway would increase traffic congestion, and would allow other developments to follow suit.

In an individual submission, a resident said the proposal “opens up the possibility of a hotchpotch of developments that would lead to a ghetto effect”.

”As a resident in Flide Street for over 40 years, we would like to think that when we ultimately have to leave the area it would retain some of inherent beauty and gateway to the Caringbah precinct,” the resident wrote.

Another resident said only “token offers” had been made for Flide Street homes.

The DA acknowledged the development departed from the amalgamation plan in the council’s DCP (development control plan).

“However supporting information is provided demonstrating reasonable attempts to obtain lots within the amalgamation plan,” the DA said.

“In addition, architectural plans are presented demonstrating a number of options / concepts available to realise full development potential.”

The DA said access to the development from Kingsway was “supported” by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

An attached letter from RMS did not oppose the proposal, but set conditions.

RMS said its “current practice is to limit the number of vehicular conflict points along the arterial road network to maintain network efficiency and road safety”.

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