No right turn decision on highway questioned

Intersection "upgrade": Motorists will be stopped from turning right from Princes Highway into Gray Street, leading to St George Hospital and the town centre.
Intersection "upgrade": Motorists will be stopped from turning right from Princes Highway into Gray Street, leading to St George Hospital and the town centre.

No right turn decision

Re the article “Road work green light” (Leader, February 28).

I think this is a very bad idea because it cuts the most direct access to Emergency for anyone coming down the highway from the direction of Rockdale or any area north of Kogarah. Where are people to turn now? Will ambulances have to go a long way round? Bad, bad decision.

Gabrielle Merten

I gather they haven’t thought about the people who are taking sick people to the hospital emergency department which is just up the road. Now they will have to drive a long away around to get their sick ones to hospital.

Louise Grady

The Jubilee intersection is the worst and extremely dangerous, they need to remove right hand turns from both directions of Jubilee unless they install green arrows that allow drivers to turn, at the moment the arrow only indicates red when people are crossing. So many people run the red to get through otherwise you are stuck there I can't believe it has never been fixed I guess someone will have to get killed before anything is done.

Steve Vella 

That leaves Jubilee or South Street. Jubilee is already terrible at peak hour. Even further down at Park St is terrible also. Stopping right turns from Gray St isn’t a good solution. Better phasing of traffic lights or how about a better train service! Bring back direct trains to Kogarah. The connections to/from Hurstville are awful!

Sharon Power 

So the plan is to stop access to the street which accesses the emergency department of the hospital? Has this been considered at all?

Marie Andonakis Giovannis 

This will create more traffic jams on the Rocky Point Road and Gray Street intersection, which already a nightmare in peak hour times, if there is going to be no right turn. Might as well make Gray Street one way from Kensington St to the highway, and the traffic lights on President Ave and Princes. Why must we give more time for the traffic that is making a right turn to go into Kogarah via Kensington St. I’m a cabbie and know it well – why don’t they get our advice when they doing these things?

Hijazi Nour 

Typical poorly thought out traffic management plan designed by people who don’t even use these roads in peak periods and/or just don’t care!

Jane Lee

The main intersection before this set of lights and this intersection only become congested as the lights are not in sequence. When one set is green the other is usually red and visa versa. Why not change this to create a better traffic flow. This right hand turn rarely creates congestion. The Jubilee turn were traffic does build up is now going to be even busy and it will create traffic issues. Maybe they should ask for help from people that have to travel this road daily instead of coming up with ridiculous conditions.

Sarah Stephenson 

Alternatively you can head down Rocky Pt Rd off the Highway and turn right into Gray St at the ambulance station and come straight across the highway. It is only a very small detour and if they sign post it correctly it really makes little difference to the trip from the north side.

Anita Willmott 

That’s just plain crazy. Its the only right turn to the public hospital off Princes Hwy. Bad traffic planning.

Lynn Abraham 

Turning right at Jubilee will be the only option for those living btw Gray Street and Park Road .. honestly.

Bronwyn Leix

This is ludicrous. Does anyone in the LNP government have a single functioning brain cell? What "donor" are they trying to appease with this stupidity, and why?

Tom Petrovski