Random Acts of Kindness

Caught between doors

On Friday, February 16 whilst alighting from a train at Oatley station I was caught between the two carriage doors (they malfunctioned).  

A young teenage boy managed to force the doors apart and with all the confusion I did not get the opportunity to thank him. 

I honestly don’t know where this boy got his strength from, but he should know how much I appreciated his assistance, as well as that from station staff and a lady who witnessed the entire accident.

Thank you all.

R. Campbell, Oatley

Dog returned with dinner

It was such a pleasure to meet a beautiful caring young couple on Sunday, February 25.  

They were good enough to rescue my 11-year-old little dog and return her to me with a couple of cans of the best dog food that they had purchased in case they were unable to contact me.

They refused payment of any description and had smiles of satisfaction in completing a job well done for me.

Again, thank you so much!

Emily Newton, Gymea

Windshield note 

Thank you to the kind soul who left a note on our windshield after our car was damaged by another vehicle in Kogarah on February 28.

The number plate and description of the vehicle you provided was enough for us to track down the owner of the vehicle with the help of our insurer.

The fact the driver didn’t stop to leave his details says a lot about that person.

The matter is now in the hands of the insurance companies but without the kind consideration of our eye witness we would’ve been left holding the baby.

Thanks once again.

Sue, Kyeemagh

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