Constituent backlash to texting controversy

RE the article ‘‘Petinos caught up in new controversy’’ (Leader, February 28).

It appears she is too busy getting drunk, throwing up and flirting to attend our local schools when invited or be able to help secure funding to things that matter to the community! Maybe it is time to rethink our next local member. 

Pete Crabtree

Terrible attempt at deflecting the problem. Politicians should always be above reproach. In this case she has failed, and they both need to go.

Harry Hammond 

I'm complaining to the Liberal party to have her removed. How many chances does this inexperienced wannabe get to make a fool of her constituents. 

Paige P Morris 

She is a representative of our community and attends our school functions. Awesome! Hmmmmm. Not.

Goran Kotevski