School uniform policy sends mixed messages

Re the article ‘‘Uniform comment apology’’ (Leader, February 7).

Apology! What a joke. There was no misunderstanding about uniforms. Kerrie Jones backtracked.

More than 500 girls were taken out of class for an ’all girls’ assembly and they all heard the same thing. 

It’s a terrible message for young girls. It’s all part of Kerrie Jones’ controlling nature and outdated ideas about victim blaming!

To say that the way the girls dress is a distraction to their male peers and male teachers is ludicrous. 

Yet the boys weren’t spoken to. She tells the girls that the way they dress is destroying the school’s reputation. 

Yes there is a uniform policy but I would like to know when this was changed. 

My children have been passing through the school for the past 12 years and this is the first I’ve heard that dresses and skirts should be 10cm above the knee. 

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