Re-use is the most practical form of recycling

RE the article ‘‘Getting plastic off our beach’’ (Leader, February 28).

The article on turning the tide of plastic pollution of our oceans was a useful contribution to the debate, but it somewhat missed the point. 

It is not all plastics on beaches that we should be talking about banning, but the single-use plastic packaging that is flooding our oceans and trashing our beaches. 

Single-use bags, PET bottles, caps, food trays and wrappers are to blame; litter that is carried to our waterways through storm water.

Since every young person has at least one re-usable drink bottle in their sport bag, if Brett Pattinson succeeds in demonising the re-usable bottle and replacing it with his metal bottle, it will simply generate more plastic waste in the short term.

We must remind the public, re-use is the most practical form of recycling. 

In taking aim at the re-usable plastic drink bottle, you are shooting one of the “good guys”.

George Dowle, Coogee