Rumours that units in South Village have been bought for public housing 'totally untrue' says DeiCorp

Rumours that 100 units in the Kirrawee brick pit development have been purchased for public housing have been quashed by developer DeiCorp.

Nor have any of the 808 apartments been set aside as affordable rental housing in the South Village project, the company says.

The rumours have circulated widely in recent weeks, with several people contacting the Leader.

DeiCorp development manager John Sullivan said, “I can assure you that’s absolutely incorrect”.

“This is a project that’s really been accepted by the local community.

“Most of the buyers are from the local community.

“Sales are going very well and most of the buyers are owner-occupiers.”

Mr Sullivan said 50-60 per cent of the apartments had been sold.

DeiCorp sales and marketing director Peter Neil said there had been no discussion with any party about apartments for public housing or affordable rental housing.

Mr Neil said “a lot of first home buyers” had bought into the project this year and at the end of 2017.

“The first stage of residential and the shopping centre open later this year and the remainder of the apartments will be open by the end of next year,” he said.

Approval was given late last year for another 59 units in the Kirrawee development, taking the total number to 808.

The increase results from the building of more one-bedroom, and less three-bedroom, units, without any increase in maximum gross floor space or parking spaces.