Clearways a ‘breath of fresh air’

With Sydney’s fast burgeoning population and traffic gridlock for thousands in major arterial roads caused by a relatively few cars parked in kerbside lanes, what a breath of fresh air are the proposed 24 hour clearways to smooth traffic flow (Leader, March 14).

The few cars dotted here and there on major roads can find places in side streets.

The shopkeepers and/or councillors with vested interests, who are so inconsiderate to suffering motorists in opposing the smooth flow of traffic in peak hour, ought to think about the greater good to the community of the use of major roads for moving cars, rather than for car parking serving their businesses.

The minutes walk for customers parking around the corner is useful exercise.   

Smooth traffic flows save petrol, accidents, time and endless driver frustration.

The benefits can be seen at the northbound clearway at Blakehurst, as one example. Please bring them on asap!