Sleepless in Menai

I’d like to bring to your attention some major NBN Co night work that has been happening in our neighbourhood. 

We’ve had many sleepless nights already. For four nights in the past 10 days, these guys operated heavy machinery just outside our backyard fence on Mina Road, three metres from our bedroom windows, from 8pm to 6am. 

The noise is absolutely unbearable.

The work doesn’t look finished but we don’t know when they will come back and for how much longer they will work here.

We heard there’s been more work scheduled on Allison Crescent and MacMahon Place.

Council told us they had nothing to do with it because it’s NBN. 

Police said these people had lodged some sort of permit so they are powerless as well. 

NBN told us any night work should finish at 11pm.

This is obviously not what these people are doing. NBN said they’d investigate but it will take many business days. 

We contacted our local member Craig Kelly but we suspected this is not his priority. 

We don’t know who approved their work but there was no consultation with us. Among us we have young children, truck drivers, tradies - well anyone’s sleep is important. 

There is no reason why the work can’t be done during the day. We can’t last very long if they keep coming back. And when we went over to talk to them, the workers were very arrogant and absolutely had no regard of the residents’ welfare.

We want the night work to be suspended immediately but it seems no one is listening to us. 

April, Menai