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Road closed at wrong spot

What happened to common sense? On Friday night, April 6 the Sharks had a rugby league game on. I was travelling along Captain Cook Drive on my way to Caringbah. When I reached Woolooware Road, both Woolooware Road and Captain Cook Drive were barricaded off.  I had to turn around and drive back to Elouera Road. Why do we have to drive all the way to Woolooware Road to discover that we need to turn back, wasting both time and money? Why weren’t the barricades placed on Captain Cook Drive at Elouera Road?


Bike helmet choice

The one size fits all advocates of pushbike helmets, brainwashed with the potential of brain damage, need to consider the damage they have done to so many adults who simply need the freedom and luxury of the one exercise left to them-riding their bikes! Many of us can no longer get out on the tennis or squash court, unlike those that have numerous sports to choose from. The over fifty’s need to stay fit as well. We need to be able to ride around the block legally, pick up the milk and paper without being molly coddled like we are on the M1.

Brian Johnson, Gymea

No to discretionary funds

After 16 months of rule by Georges River Council’s government-appointed administrator, the current process of debate by the 15 councillors is a welcome example of democracy in action. The behaviour of all serving councillors has been exemplary since their election six months ago, and I’m sure this will continue under the current council. However, the establishment of a "ward discretionary fund" where each councillor has $10,000 to spend per year is undesirable. There’s no guarantee the fund won’t be misused sometime in the future. I commend Crs Badalati and Hindi for lodging their rescission motion and urge all councillors to support it.  

Peter Mahoney, Oatley 

Chemical cleanup reaction

I have just returned from taking my small contribution to the biannual chemical waste collection at the council depot at Mortdale. The good news is that many people are interested in helping the environment and there were many workers available to process the waste. The bad news is that the size of the site and particularly access to the site was woefully inadequate for the volume of traffic, with one entry/exit point next to a busy roundabout. When I pleaded for more frequent opportunities to bring chemical waste, I was told that the EPA (NSW Environment Protection Authority) is responsible for the timing, not the council. I was also told that I could try going to a CRC (Community Recycling Centre), but the nearest one seems to be in Liverpool.

Helen Shum, Penshurst 

NBN work an eyesore

Is there anyone responsible for supervising the installation of NBN to apartment buildings? Our apartment building recently had wiring installed with conduit leading to and from a massive box attached to the wall of the ground floor foyer.  Apart from the box being an eyesore, and one which should obviously have been installed in the underground garage area, the workmanship of joining conduit to carry the wires around the ceiling is appalling. The installers might have also wiped the box clean as no-one will ever be able to reach it without a ladder.

Cheryl Webb, Hurstville

Get in touch with Bert

I have recently finished reading Walk Through Life In The Outback by Bert Bolton. Many would have known Bert from his tourist coach days as “Bert Bolton’s Outback Tracks". Bert who is 95 has traced his own life’s story. An incredible life and well written by Bert.  Should his old friends and ex passengers wish to contact him, he would be pleased to hear from them on 9544 8393.

Alec Leach, Oatley

Building site blues

Am I the only victim of George’s River Councils failure to protect existing properties during building! The edifice being erected so close to my property has meant damage to my property and my car. As the builder denies the damage my insurer can’t act and I have to pay the excess! Help!

Suzanne  Middlemiss, Hurstville