Chelsea the cat is reunited with her owner after vanishing 14 years ago

A cat that went missing from Engadine 14 years ago was reunited with its owner, who had long given up hope she would return.

Chelsea the black cat was found at Arncliffe after she wandered from her home.

The Mini Kitty Commune, a Facebook page dedicated to re-homing abandoned and neglected cats, rescued the 18-year-old cat they named ‘Dante’, which was micro-chipped and listed as deceased.

They were contacted by a member of the community through social media.

'Paw' cat: The moment Chelsea was found.

The vet traced the owner’s phone number to her relative’s residence at Miranda. 

The owner, Lee McKenzie, who lives near Dapto, got the shock of her life when she was told her ‘Chewy’ was alive.

“I remember leaving the door open for her to come back, and she never did,” Mrs McKenzie said.

“We tried to find her but thought she was hit by a car or bitten by a snake….but we always spoke about her.

“She was always able to fend for herself but I couldn’t believe it when they said it was my cat. I just said, what cat? It didn’t sound believable.

“But when I saw the photos, I knew it was her, and I just cried. It was heartbreaking to see her in that condition.

“She was a cranky old girl and because she hadn’t had any human contact for so long she wouldn’t let me pat her.”

Mrs McKenzie hopes to keep Chelsea, but cannot have pets in her duplex.

“I hope we don’t have to say goodbye again, but if we do, I hope she has a good home for the time she has left.”