​Passing the buck on street tree chopping

Residents stumped: Peakhurst residents have been shocked at the recent removal of more than 20 mature trees along Isaac Street. Picture: Chris Lane
Residents stumped: Peakhurst residents have been shocked at the recent removal of more than 20 mature trees along Isaac Street. Picture: Chris Lane

Re the article “Peakhurst street trees lost” (Leader, May 9).

Georges River Council asking Ausgrid to cover the full cost of removing stumps and replanting trees as well as cutting them down? 

Oh to have been a fly on the wall during those negotiations!

Ausgrid advised us on April 24 that the tree removal AND replacement program was in conjunction with the council, which would be grinding the stumps and replanting with a species requiring minimal pruning.

Two days later the council advised us that the removal of trees was part of an Ausgrid project to remove trees with structural problems caused by over-pruning, and that a tree replacement program would be undertaken by Ausgrid.

Nothing to do with us, the council seems to be saying.  

Then on May 3 Ausgrid confirms that its contractors removed the trees “on behalf of Georges River Council”. That the council will be replanting trees in the area. “And for any tree removal inquiries it needs to be referred back to council, this is not done at our discretion”.

Ausgrid seems to be saying that it was all the council’s idea.

Then the following day the Leader’s online story says that a council spokesperson said that Ausgrid’s removal of trees “was part of an Ausgrid project”.

Council appears to be sticking to its “nothing to do with us, blame Ausgrid” approach.

So fess up Georges River Council and Ausgrid?

Whose idea was it? And who is paying, taxpayers and/or ratepayers?

Kim and Anne Wagstaff, Oatley 

Driving to work, I was shocked to see the devastation  happening on Isaac Street. 

All the big trees were being cut down all the way down to almost Lorraine Street. 

There was a sense of anger that council would allow this by the tree butchers.

I say butchers because the trees are first butchered to such an extent that it is laughable to call them trees and then they have the gall to say they are unstable and have to be removed.

The energy companies are environmental vandals. And the councils complicit. 

I’ve been called a tree hugger because I get upset every time this sort of thing happens.

Well, excuse me if I care about my environment, the quality of the air we breathe, the beauty and shade that a leafy street adds to area, and refuge for other creatures.

Don Ticchio, Peakhurst

I would like to know who approved the cutting of over a dozen trees on the footpaths in Isaac Street.

I have been looking at these trees for more than 50 years and they were healthy beautiful trees.

To suddenly cut these trees - the area looks so bare and baron. 

We will not see any trees like this in our lifetime as they were at least 70-years-old. 

Losing trees like these is criminal.

Lets see if they replant new tress ?

I doubt it.

Bob Callaghan, Peakhurst

Regarding the tree chopping rampage.

Not only have they chopped all the mature shade trees in Isaac Street, but they have cut down five Paperbark trees in Bayview Street (they were not growing under electricity wires). 

Another couple have been cut down in Pindari Road.

Goodbye to any shade when doing a walk.

Neta, Peakhurst Heights