Planning panel let down residents

Georges River Local Planning Panel has approved the development of a 145 place, two-three storey child care centre in Heath Road, Blakehurst.

The centre will be adjacent to the Mater Dei Primary School which accommodates approximately 390 pupils.  

The development application had been rejected by the Georges River Council on the grounds of location, size, traffic movement, peak hour traffic volume and the limited width of Heath Road. 

The panel disregarded all these grounds and unfortunately approved the development with an added condition to the Plan of Management which stated  “No drop off or collection of children between the hours of 8.45am and 9.15am during school days” - even though this will be impossible to police.

Possibly the LPP members don’t live in the immediate area, otherwise they would not have approved this most unsuitable development. 

When a LPP won’t listen to council traffic engineers and local residents, who have to cope with dangerous traffic levels and non-existent parking and fully understand the area and its dangers, it is most disappointing.

Wendy Skelsey, Blakehurst