Call for a modern ocean pool complex

RE the article “Complex is nearing end of useful life (Leader, May 2).

Being a regular swimmer and one that swims at the south Cronulla complex, I and other swimmers were appalled to understand that the refurbishment of the pool will not include an upgrade of its amenities (toilets and showers) which I believe are the worst in the shire.

To put it bluntly; they stink and are a disgrace to the complex and those that run it. 

OH&S inspectors should pay the pool toilets a visit to understand how silly it is for swimmers to use the amenities and then to enter the pool. The amenities do not make for a healthy environment.

Reading the Leader article it seems that now may be the perfect time to reconsider prior proposals for the relocation of the ocean pool at South Cronulla.

It seems that Cronulla and the shire are entering a new era in progress which is increasing our population and visitors numbers, so why not build a modern outdoor ocean swim complex for our future needs?