Jodie Stubbs in Woman: It’s a Mother of a Cabaret

Contradicting emotions: Jodie Stubbs stars in Woman a humorous exploration about mothers trying to have it all

Contradicting emotions: Jodie Stubbs stars in Woman a humorous exploration about mothers trying to have it all

Cabaret performer, Jodie Stubbs, debuts her new show, Woman at Newtown’s LeadBelly on June 20. 

The show is a humorous exploration about mothers trying to have it all.

Stubbs, who grew up in Kirrawee and now lives in Drummoyne, takes you on a journey of what it is to be a mother of two, career woman, wife and cabaret chanteuse as she attempts to get through a 60-minute show without having to check on the kids.

‘‘Welcome to my show about what it is like to be an estrogen producing, child bearing, ovulating female of the species,” Stubbs tells her audience. “Aren’t you glad you came boys?’’ 

Co-written with award winning director and performer, Tyran Parke, the show originally intended to explore the changing roles of women through the ages but is now interspersed with interruptions from Jodie’s home life; an idea that was sparked while creating the show.

On the phone to her babysitter mid-show: ‘‘Give Gracie the iPad and break open the emergency Cadbury. Desperate times call for desperate measures.’’ 

Parke explains: ‘‘Creating this show with Jodie was madness. Sometimes she’d tell her family she was going to the shops but was actually sneaking away to sit in her car to rehearse in peace, singing to me on Skype.

‘‘We kept trying to wrangle a show under these circumstances until I realised this WAS the show!”

The hilarious struggle of Stubbs trying to balance her family life while realising her dream — and the guilt that went with it – provided much of the raw humour and emotion which will resonate with audiences.

Stubbs said she’s thrilled with how the show evolved.

‘‘I’m so pleased with this show because it touches on something so real; this feeling that many mothers struggle with, of being torn between doing something for themselves – whether that be a passion or career or simply time alone – and being present for their families,” Stubbs says.

‘‘This show is really about acknowledging those contradicting emotions and having a laugh about it. Because let’s face it, we’re all in the same boat. We’re all just trying to do our best, but I don’t think anyone feels like they’re getting it quite right. 

‘‘I know many a learned scholar have written papers on the subject, but never has it been delivered in the celebrated form of cabaret!

“And some things are a little more palatable with some smart underscoring, a glamorous frock and a judicious smattering of jazz hands.’’ 

Woman will be performed at LeadBelly Newtown on Wednesday, June 20 and Saturday, June 23.