Short-term letting bill is a sham

Since when did the concept of ‘‘residential’ change? (‘‘Airbnb changes finalised: Leader, June 13). Answer: since the new government legislation which support groups like Airbnb and their biased concepts of ‘sharing’. 

If a house owner is not present, then letting the space is hardly ‘sharing’ the space. And if owners are not in residence half a year, the area becomes quite ‘commercial’.  

Obviously ‘a two strikes and you’re out policy’ code of conduct for short-term letting is impossible to police. Who will take the photos, noise level readings and have them verified? 

The government bill is a sham, completely unworkable and a win for Airbnb. It is a slap in the face to those who value residential areas.

Very short-term letting with no landlord present should be an ‘opt in’ question.

The sudden change from the long-established default will result in major problems for the majority of owners.

Looks like big business is the force behind the legislation. No pain for them, of course. 

name supplied, Oatley