Going Bananas over threats to the ABC

The Labor candidate for the Federal seat of Banks, Chris Gambian has been out been campaigning with some very special friends in the past week.

He has been joined by B1 and B2 of the ABC Kids TV series Bananas in Pyjamas to show their support of the ABC.

Their efforts followed a move by the Liberal Party’s peak council on June 16 which voted almost 2:1 to privatise the ABC.

About 110 council delegates, representing Liberal branches from across the country, also voted for an efficiency review into SBS.

The Federal Government has since denied there was any move to privatise the ABC.

But the government’s promise hasn’t convinced Mr Gambian who enlisted B1 and B2 in handing out flyers, getting signatures on petitions and meeting thrilled children, and some adults, in Oatley and Riverwood last week.

“We've have had a really fantastic response from the community who are furious about the Government's cuts to the ABC's budget and the Liberal Party council voting to privatise the ABC altogether.

“The idea of privatising or reducing the funding of the ABC is madness,” Mr Gambian said.

“It doesn’t matter what political party you support, the ABC is an icon.

“The ABC is not just the 7.30 Report. It’s Landline and classical music and the many services that people would otherwise not be able to get in regional areas.

“Many parents have told me that ABC Kids TV is a lifesaver.”

Mr Gambian and the Bananas will be visiting Mortdale and Hurstville this week, rallying support for the ABC.

He said B1 and B2 are unbiased when it comes to politics.

“But they understand when they are in danger,” he said.

“I feel the Liberals want to make a banana smoothie out of them.”