Fix the pool at Carss Park, don’t demolish

Future uncertain: Dick Caine and Olympian Michelle Ford are among a group of supporters rallying to save the pool at Carss Park.
Future uncertain: Dick Caine and Olympian Michelle Ford are among a group of supporters rallying to save the pool at Carss Park.

Re ‘‘Olympian’s fight: Call to save sacred site of swimming’’ (Leader, June 27).

The future of the  Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool at Carss Park has finally been brought to the public attention. Despite being a community facility of long standing and significance, I don’t believe that nostalgia and a nod to the past will save it from council and its opaque plans for the pool’s future. 

Five options? I read of only one. Maybe the future sale of prime waterfront land?

It is certainly true that the pool has reached its design life. However, this is council property. Why has this community asset been allowed to run down to a point where remediation is not a viable option?

I feel that the most appropriate action to take would be to demolish the existing pool and amenities areas and build a new Olympic pool. 

This could be integrated with the type of leisure complex that has been completed at Bexley.

Conflating Hurstville Leisure Centre with Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool doesn’t match like with like. 

The figures quoted in The Leader, where attendances at Hurstville Leisure Centre are compared with those at Carss Park are misleading.

Hurstville does indeed have more people going through the turnstyles but a very large number, if not most, of these visitors avail themselves of the gym and other non aquatic activities. 

Hurstville may be suitable for aquarobic classes, walking up and down the lanes or having a bit of fun splashing around in the short pool but it does not cater for the district’s swimmers.

The Leader quotes figures of 14,000 squad visits to Carss Park annually. Many other members of the community also regularly swim there for health and enjoyment. 

With a growing community population and the demonstrated need for this type of facility, it surely makes more sense to provide rather than remove them.

William Galton, Hurstville Grove

The kogarah pool would attract just as many people as the aquatic centre at Penhurst I would suggest if it were covered as is Penshurst and enhanced with facilities to help fitness. 

Georges River Council cite the cost of upgrading the old pool and forward the argument that highest and best use of the land would be a car park. 

Surely a single-purpose use compared with a pool with allied facilities. 

Come on council let greater Sydney see that we are indeed a progressive municipality who not only revere our institutions but continue to maintain and upgrade the facilities we all enjoy.

Don Skinner, South Hurstville

Iconic pool and location, and the history is priceless! Renovate if necessary, but to consider detonating shows council is clueless.

​Pat Feenan

Leave the pool. The population is growing not shrinking. You want healthy people of all ages.

It’s great for all ages and abilities and people doing rehab and disabled people as well. What is wrong with this council?

You need to teach people to swim. Especially all of the people coming to our country that are not lucky enough to be surrounded with water like us.

Do not destroy the pool. It needs upgrading not destroying. Just like Sans Souci is being upgraded, upgrade Carss Park and promote it as a great place for all of the community. 

​Emma Doyle