70s bands made it on vinyl

Take a sensational rock ‘n’ roll journey back to the 70s when the guitar was king and super groups ruled the world

Vinyl - Hot Bands of the 70s is a show that will deliver timeless classics from bands such as The Doobie Bros, The Eagles, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, America, Supertramp, The Police, Kiss, Foreigner, Queen plus many more.

Guest vocalists Hugh Wilson (Lenny Kravitz Band), Melinda Jackson (Rogue Traders), Mark Dacosta (Aust Idol), Frank Lakoudis (The Voice) and Carmel Mesiti (Doug Parkinson band) will join a six-piece band under the creative direction of Joseph Calderazzo (guitars/Jenny Morris Band).

The band includes Paul Wheeler (Icehouse), Charmaine Ford, Fenix Martinez (Gang of Brothers), Lozz Benson (That Redhead), Voya Milutinovic and Greg Royal (Wendy Matthews band) who will deliver superb renditions of some of the hottest songs from the 1970s.

Vinyl - Hot Bands of the 70s is on at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre,  on Saturday, July 14, from  8pm.

  • Tickets and more information on 9521 8888 or click here