Fence jumping is disrespectful

I was hiking to Wattamolla last month and went past Wedding Cake rock. 

A wedding photo shoot was taking place inside the fenced off part of the white rock. 

The couple were international tourists from Spain obviously celebrating their happy time. 

They had a professional photographer and full camera gear set up. 

I told them to get off the rock, but the woman told me to go away. I told her to have respect for the area, but she still said go away.

I told her the fine was huge and she shrugged and said "well it is our money".

As soon as the photo shoot ended, a dozen Asian tourists jumped the fence. 

You cannot believe the anger I felt and let fly my Aussie instructions to them, but they kept on jumping the fence.

If I had done that in their country on their temples .... no... no I wouldn’t, I’d respect their laws.

What else can be done? The new board alks makes it easy for all ages to use and abuse the area.

Helen Grant

I find it so annoying hearing from all the nannies who refuse to let people live thier own lives. 

People are standing on the edge of a cliff, just like people have done for 60,000 years. 

Life involves some risk, if you choose not to live that is ok but please don’t stop others from living. 

Cowardice is not a virtue.

Andrew Murphy, Illawong 

They’ve been warned and warned! Unfortunately when it does fall they’ll want our survival and recovery services to assist them, meanwhile endangering our ambulance, fire, police, SES etc.

Liri Latimore 

You cannot fight stupidity put a sign up that says you have been warned the responsibility is on you!

​Kay Cook