Strata stress made easy

W Herrmann Real Estate are a boutique strata management firm specialising in residential and commercial strata management, strata setup of new buildinga and providing professional, personal service.

W Herrmann Real Estate first opened their doors in 1969.

From its inception, the directors were determined that the office would provide a complete real estate service to the community.

To this end comprehensive property, commercial and strata management programs were established.

As a family business, the emphasis is still on friendly efficient service backed up by professional expertise.

For more than 50 years they have pioneered strata management practices in this often complex field and can boast a proven track record that stretches throughout Sydney and beyond.   

Pioneers: For more than 50 years, W Herrmann Real Estate have pioneered strata management practices.

Pioneers: For more than 50 years, W Herrmann Real Estate have pioneered strata management practices.

Unlike a lot of firms, at W Herrmann Real Estate you will always speak to a real person, not some automated machine when you call their office.

“We also offer onsite regular inspections of common property if the owners wish, which ensures that the common property continues to be well maintained for the benefit of all owners,” explained the team at Herrmann. 

At W Herrmann Strata have nearly 50 years experience in the industry and have been instrumental in the formulation of policy over the years. 

“Changing strata managers can be a complex process and we have the experience and knowledge to assist a scheme through this often difficult period. 

“Our role as strata managers is to ensure compliance with the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 but to also assist every scheme in providing realistic workable solutions to often complex issues.”

Choosing a Strata Manager is an important decision, so being informed in paramount. 

There are a number of challenges in Strata Management, mainly relating to education. 

“Since the change in the Strata Schemes Management Act back in late 2016, many owners are not familiar with the changes to the legislation. 

“They do not realise the impact their actions may have on their neighbours, they may not be familiar with communal living and they don’t always understand the limitations that are often applicable in strata living. 

“Our aim as Strata managers is to ensure that all owners and occupants are educated so they are aware of these issues and can then adapt so that the scheme and building run harmoniously.”

Urban landscape.

Urban landscape.