Rude awakenings at Oatley

To all the early morning walkers, joggers and cyclists making their way down Oatley Park Avenue to Oatley Park - I love that you’re keeping fit!

But as you make your way down the street chatting amongst yourselves at 5am or 6am on a weekday, or even at 7am on the weekend, please be aware you are passing by hundreds of people’s bedroom windows, and most of those people are asleep.

I’m woken before my alarm by your loud voices, without fail, every single morning.

If you could talk at a normal volume - or even try a polite, softer voice in respect of the still and quiet early hours - that would be much appreciated.  And to the cyclists who ride one in front of the other and yell their conversation back and forth: no. Just no.

Simon, Oatley