Residents deserve to keep their pool

Carss Park War Memorial Swimming Pool. Picture:
Carss Park War Memorial Swimming Pool. Picture:

As a St George resident for more than 60 years — I implore the Georges River Council not to allow the destruction one of the great icons of this area and a true community enhancement for this district — Carss Park War Memorial Pool.

Hundreds of thousands of people have and will continue to learn to swim there, thousands of local school swimming carnivals have and will continue there.

As a place that serves the ratepayers and constituents of the council it is something unique — a War Memorial to acknowledge so many that served this country so well while being a place that helps locals to enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle — the very things those people fought for so long ago.

To say nothing of the numerous champion Australian athletes from so many sports that have emerged from there — Sans Souci or Hurstville pools simply do not have these credentials or rich history.

I refute the council’s argument that Hurstville Lifestyle Centre draws over 900,000 people a year to it as opposed to Carss Park pool with 49,000.

Hurstville is a designated ‘‘city’’ so of course there are far more people within its catchment and most of the 900,000 are NOT just using the pool — they are in ‘‘spin classes’’ and similar gym classes/facilities. 

It’s comparing apples with oranges.

Carss Park Pool has a rare history  — it can’t be denied. 

When nearly $3 million is being spent to upgrade Hurstville Golf Course which would be lucky to draw the same numbers as Carss Park Pool in a full year I find it bewidering. 

The cost to maintain the golf course on top of this amount each year is huge compared to what Carss Park pool is so I can’t understand the logic.

Look throughout the area — Hurstville Golf Course, Hurstville Oval (planned upgrade), etc — are they really drawing bigger numbers than the estimated 49,000 that Carss Park pool is currently attracting?

And even if they are — so what!

In an age when all the talk is about encouraging people to stay healthy — why destroy a venue that can do just that.

Please Georges River Council — seriously consider what action is taken in regards to Carss Park Pool — local residents deserve to have it retained and developed into the first class health centre it should be and a reflection of its War Memorial status.

Chris Mort, Kyle Bay 

For years Dick and Jenny Caine poured their hearts and souls into keeping that old facility open.

The war memorial pool was built in the mid 1960’s on reclaimed mangrove tidal flats.

Over the years the ground beneath this facility had been settling and with regular frequency and all the structures on the site have been cracking and breaking since the 1970’s to this day.

Kogarah Council had two old Olympic pools to maintain, both had reached there used by dates in the early 1990’s with no funds to replace these money pits. The council just kept doing band aid repairs.

So please don’t waste money on this dilapidated site. 

Beg, borrow or brow beat the government for funds to build a new modern facility for the present and future community.

P. Harper, Carlton