Update | No-stopping zone in Caringbah shopping strip to start mid-September


Signs on poles have confirmed a no-stopping zone will be introduced from mid-September on the the eastern side of Kingsway at Caringbah through the main section of the shopping strip.

The signs were initially placed only between Hay Avenue and President Avenue, leading to speculation the plans may have been modified.

However, by Thursday afternoon, the signs extended to the train station.

The elimination of 14 parking spaces, in conjunction with the duplication of the right-turn from Kingsway into President Avenue, is designed to speed up traffic through the area.

Roads and Maritime Services rejected appeals by shop owners that businesses would suffer.

Cronulla MP and Attorney-General Mark Speakman also appealed unsuccessfully for parking spaces to be retained between Hay Avenue and the train station.

More parking was provided at the rear of the shopping strip to compensate for the change.


Work is scheduled to start on Sunday, August 12, on major traffic changes at Caringbah.

The work will include duplicating the right turn lane from Kingsway into President Avenue and removing parking spaces between the train station and President Avenue on the eastbound lane of Kingsway.

The right turn from from Hay Avenue on to Kingsway will be banned for all vehicles apart from buses.

While the project is due to start this weekend, RMS advised the parking spaces removal was not scheduled to begin on the Kingsway until the middle of September.

​The bus stop at the train station will remain.

RMS advised said work to begin duplicating the right-turn into President Avenue was expected to start at the end of September.

A joint statement by state MPs Mark Speakman and Eleni Petinos said the project would provide quicker journey times for motorists through Caringbah.

“The upgrade will improve traffic flow, increase capacity and reduce delays for thousands of road users on one of Sydney’s key corridors,” the statement said.

The MPs said replacement parking would be provided to compensate for the loss of Kingsway spaces.

This included 14 spaces provided by the removal of the taxi holding area. 

“In the Hay Avenue car park, about 13 existing parking spaces next to Hay Lane will be converted to half hour parking,” the statement said.

“In addition, at our request the Sutherland Traffic Committee will investigate:

  • Hay Avenue becoming two way
  • An additional small taxi rank adjacent to the southern kerb of Kingsway immediately west of the traffic lights at the train station
  • Parallel parking on the north east side of Hay Lane
  • Perpendicular parking on the south side of Hay Avenue
  • No right turn from Port Hacking Road into Kingsway”

The MPs said other suggestions were welcome.

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