Column was a refreshing read

 Child and Family psychologist Clare Rowe.

Child and Family psychologist Clare Rowe.

Clare Rowe’s column (Opinion, July 25) was a refreshing read from a professional psychologist regarding the way anxiety and mental illness is spoken about these days.

Children these days are so protected from everything it’s no wonder they complain about being stressed when the world doesn’t go the way they expect.

As a child I got “stressed” having to go back to school after the holidays, before exams or being left out of footy and cricket teams. It’s a part if life as Clare says.

You deal with it and the more it happens you develop resilience to move on and overcome disappointment and begin to thrive in stressful situations.

Being stressed in normal everyday situations is a part of life and children need to go through it to survive in the real world.

It’s not mental illness and they don’t need professional help. They need their parents support to allow them to face these challenges head on so they can be successful in their careers.

Stuart Maurice, Hurstville