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Ugly bridge approach

Walking across the Como Bridge on the Georges River is an enjoyable activity for locals and visitors alike. The Como approach to the bridge however reveals an ugly retaining wall of rotting timbers and neglected pathway which is in urgent need of an upgrade. The Como Pleasure Grounds upgrade is enhancing this beautiful area. Hopefully funding will see further improvements.

Susan King, Oyster Bay

Leisure centres need solar

Given escalating energy costs and given all the roof space available at each of Sutherland Shire Council’s leisure centres, why not invest in solar roof panels which would provide each centre with free energy into the future?

Paula Douglas, Como

Open schools a great idea

What a great initiative by the state government to open some schools during school holidays. We took advantage of this and spent several days there with the children. The added bonus was having a security person on duty from opening to close.  Quite sad to think that this is necessary though. So a thank you to all concerned.

Dolly, Caringbah

Greenslip reform

I have received my Greenslip renewal complete with NSW Government propaganda estimating what it may have cost without their Greenslip reform. Why not go the "whole hog" and tell us the estimated cost had Nick Greiner not removed these costs from the fee we paid the then RTA. In my opinion that would be interesting.

Elaine Cameron, Peakhurst

One worldism

Good on you, Maree Miller (“Population concerns”, Your View, July 25). You are one of the relative few aware of the obscenely rich Rothschild (owners of all but four of the world’s banks) and Rockefeller families’ wicked plans for a world population of only 550 million. They are packing us into high-rise to wipe us out.

Don Thomas, Kingsgrove 

Fine footpath parking

Vehicles on footpaths take up rare open space and obstruct walkers. High-rise buildings reduce open space and congest limited kerbside parking. Vehicles parked on footpaths detract from limited public open space. Sutherland Shire Council enforcers fine illegal kerbside parking.  Councils should also ticket vehicles parked on footpaths.

J Brett, Miranda

2m high fence required

RE:  Fence jumping is disrespectful (Your View, August 1). Clearly people will keep climbing the fence because it’s easy to do so, that is not an effective barrier. The fence in the photo last week is clearly not of the type meant to stop people accessing the danger area. If the aim was to stop people climbing the fence, a standard Palisade fence at least 2m or more tall as typically used by the railways etc would have been installed instead of a pathetic domestic style pool fence.

Jason, Como

Not just trucks on street

RE the article ‘‘Call to stop illegally parked trucks’’ (Leader, August 1). This is bull. If they live there they should be able to park there. Simple. Caravans and boats cause much bigger issues.

Laura Ferguson 

How about moving on the Winnebagos that don't move from residential streets 50 weeks of the year.

Raymond Daly