Lime Kiln Bay circuit walk dangers

I would like to warn of a safety issue at Lime Kiln Bay circuit walk.

On a recent Monday afternoon I had parked my car in Waterfall Rd, West Oatley, and was enjoying a bush walk with my grandchildren and a friend along the southern part of this circuit past the weir.

At about 3pm a nine-year-old child in my care was nearly knocked over an embankment by one of three young men riding their bicycles at top speed down this rocky service track.

The leading cyclist was heard to yell out, "next time you’ll be dead".

The cyclists had not attempted to ring their bells or slow down.

They came around the bend so fast and there was no warning.

I was not able to see any signs indicating that the area is a shared pathway with bicycles.

I have since spoken to a council officer who did not think bicycles were permitted in that area and he has promised to clarify the signage.

Helen Shum, Penshurst