Labor was slow to act on rezonings

Re the article ‘‘High-rise promise: Labor to scrap rezoning mechanism’’ (Leader, July 18).

Where has Labor been over the last five years of the state cramming madness?

This includes the pack ‘n’ stack excuse for “affordable housing”.

Remember developers of boarding houses escape paying land tax.  No private members’ bill, no petitions, no rallies to the state government.

Note in the article the Opposition Planning Minister states the high rise zones to be scrapped. This doesn’t stop new areas served up as ‘state significant’.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene was not quoted as promising anything because local councils hand over planning decisions to the State Government.

Why do we have a council? Again we the people are treated as ignorant fools without a memory. Agenda 2030 marches on.

Why didn’t he or his colleagues inform people about this policy at the rally? Wake up people the Green/Lib/Labs are not the answer because they are part of the problem.

Michelle  Tesoriero, Beverly Hills