‘Enjoy the ride ScoMo’

Electoral visit: Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Carss Park Narani Child Care Centre on Sunday.  Picture: Peter Rae
Electoral visit: Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Carss Park Narani Child Care Centre on Sunday. Picture: Peter Rae

RE the article “Glimmer of hope amid voter anger: Opinion polls reveal PM’s huge challenge” (Leader, August 29).

As a long-time shire resident and former broadcaster on 99.7FM who recently moved to Noosa can I just say that you can take the boy out of the shire but you never ever take the shire out of the boy.

I still maintain a very keen interest in doings in the shire.

While I know Scott Morrison will be a far more acceptable PM to the electorate I am somewhat surprised that he has continued the distrust of Tony Abbott.

Scott had the opportunity to distance himself from the obvious hatred between Turnbull andAbbott by bringing a very seasoned campaigner back into the Cabinet - one of the very few with the ability to take it up to the ALP.

By perpetuating the distrust Scott will alienate many who are middle ground conservative supporters - in my view a tactical and political mistake.

The word teamwork has been mentioned so many times by Scott since his elevation to the role of PM - this team needs uniting and the inability to positively engage attack dog Tony Abbott as part of a united team is a mistake.

Bob  Birkhead, Noosa Waters 

What a great result for Scott and the Shire.

Very well deserved for such a hard worker and good bloke.

But, I’d recommend he check out courses at our local TAFE in 2019 such as: Opposition Leader 101. 

Denis Roast, Sutherland

First impressions of Scott Morrison - a down to earth bloke you could have a meat pie with at the football.

My son’s wife comes from the shire so I got to know the place - her father is a Cronulla Sharks member and would host me when my Parramatta Eels played there.

To see the ABC ridicule the new PM for his faith was pathetic.

I share his Evangelical Christian beliefs but I am also influenced by the late Ted Noffs and the practical care emphasis of his Wayside Chapel.

I am sure the down to earth PM will provide good leadership.

Geoff Hinds, Merrylands 

 Well once again we creep towards Italy’s record for the number of government leaders in a given time.

What intrigued me about this change of PM was that on the Thursday,  the day prior to change of PM,  ABC Radio’s James Valentine conducted a poll across NSW - “Who should be PM, Turnbull, Dutton or Morrison?’’

When I had to turn tadio off due to a golfing commitment nearly 1500 people had registered a vote.

At that stage the  figures were: Turnbull 1400, Dutton 38 and Morrison 24.

Now I know people are going to scream ‘‘Turnbull he’s so left and the ABC is Left Wing’’.

(Someone has to represent the rest of us after daily doses, month after month of the right wing “radio shock jocks”).

The voting result was extraordinary, anyway I wish Scott Morrison all the best.

Forget Lib/Lab just govern Australia for everyone’s benefit and please consider our beautiful planet.

P Mason, Engadine  

Parachuted into a safe liberal seat thanks to an unfounded smear campaign against the local guy ... sat on his hands as penalty rate cuts affected low income workers.

Sean Hill 

Don’t forget he was dead against banking royal commission.

Adam Spohr 

Captain of the Titanic. Enjoy the ride ScoMo.

Ryan Courtney 

Give him a go he could be Australia's greatest Prime minister.

Greg Fox 

Met him a few times and I like him. I think he will make a great PM.

Charlotte Rennie