Random Acts of Kindness

Unexpected birthday gift

I was having a manicure at Southgate recently and enjoyed a conversation with a lovely young woman.

We chatted the whole time our nails were being done.

I told her my birthday was next week and that I would be 86.

When my nails were done she said to the manicurist that she would pay for mine as a birthday present.

That was a first and I thought I would share it with Random Acts of Kindness as there is so much bad news - sometimes it is good to get some good news.

June, Sutherland

Care after medical episode

Recently my husband suffered a medical condition at the Cove Bar Grill restaurant at Kareela Golf Club.

I cannot speak more highly of the care and courtesy afforded to us by the staff, who called an ambulance, the paramedics, who were so efficient and caring and the staff at Sutherland Hospital who tended him there for two days. 

Also much thanks to two guests in the restaurant whose names I did not get but they were from Oakley Wines who stayed with us calming us both. 

Ann, Oyster Bay

David was a real gem

On Thursday, August 30, myself and two lady friends had trouble with an Opal card on Caringbah Rail Station.

As we are in our late 70 s and never used an Opal card before we were at a loss what to do.

Along came David a City Rail employee who took the time and trouble to ring the Opal Card people then explain what was wrong.

As we were late for our appointment David said the best and easy way out is to get a $10 card was from the paper shop on the Kingsway.

He then told us what phone number to ring so we can use our Opal Card after our appointment. 

Thank you David.

Val Palmer, Evelyn Tan, Bill McCrystal

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