Desirable Cooks Cove open space

Prime site: The overall Cook Cove site looking south. Picture: supplied
Prime site: The overall Cook Cove site looking south. Picture: supplied

Re ‘‘Cooks Cove blow: Employment rather than housing’’ (Leader, September 5).

The reasons the panel say it is an unsuitable residential site - and I agree - surely apply to any commercial/industrial use as well.

Rose McCann 

Wouldn't it be nice if it was used for recreation - oh don't be silly!

Brent Stanzel 

How about just leaving it as it is?

Oh wait, there's no cash to be made in doing that.

Jackson Haynes

They should’ve left it how it is.

Michael Anagnostopoulos 

And maybe some open space?

Rachael Cotis 

To letter writers supporting ‘‘Save Barton Park Please’’ in opposition to Cooks Cove (Leader, August 22). 

Why on earth should we be forced to give up any of Barton Park and the wetlands for the Cooks Cove project? 

My answer: “Because you asked for it”.

Once you support the Green political movement, you also necessarily lend support to their policies of open borders, unrestricted migration and consequent population growth.

Paradoxically, these very policies lead to the high-density living and loss of green space that these conflicted activists inevitably then complain about.

Before you support the very groups whose policies caused your disquiet, you might first demand that they don’t howl down all attempts at a sensible public discussion of the migration, and congestion, problem.

Peter Swinton, Carlton