Kareela Shopping Village applies for vehicle exit onto Bates Drive

A new vehicle exit may be constructed from Kareela Shopping Village onto Bates Drive.

At present, there is an entry only access from Bates Drive to the undercover car park.

A development application (DA) lodged with Sutherland Shire Council says, “As part of the ongoing improvement to the shopping centre, it is proposed to convert this to an entry and exit”.

”Movements into and out of the car park will be restricted to left-in, left-out,” the DA said.

The DA said the work would involve “minor alterations”, including the relocation of approved car wash bays.

A traffic report said it was proposed to retain all the existing vehicular accesses and the additional exit would reduce traffic in Freya Street and Siandra Drive.

“Specifically, there would be a reduction of 35 vehicles per hour at the Freya Street access (exit movements only) and 20 vehicles per hour at the Siandra Drive (exits only),” the report said.

The report said there be a minor decrease in delays at the intersections of Bates Drive / Freya Street / Box Road and Freya Street / Siandra Drive.