Wagga election warning to shire councillors

The Heathcote Hall development saga continues.
The Heathcote Hall development saga continues.

The Premier Gladys Berejiklian has apologised for the disastrous by election result in Wagga on the weekend.

She has acknowledged that we are tired of over development in NSW.

Great!  Meanwhile the Heathcote Hall over development saga continues.

We all know the story. In a space which allows 16 houses developers and some politicians want 55 high density town houses and two sets of ugly flats in this incredibly bush fire prone, picturesque, one square kilometre suburb with just a tiny bridge to evacuate over (good luck with that in a fire).

The plan now sits with the Sydney South Planning Panel for determination.

For decades communities have been alarmed with the relationship between developers and politicians.

Perhaps the Wagga by election result is a reflection of that concern.

The Premier, the local state Heathcote MP, Lee Evans, and the Liberal Mayor Carmelo Pesce, have one last chance to see what has happened in Wagga.

They need to sit down together and respond to the community’s concerns with over development in the shire.

You can start by acting on the Heathcote Hall fiasco.  It is time to restore confidence before the Shire is changed forever.

Patrick Kennedy, Heathcote