Barriers for dog walkers

Picture: John Veage
Picture: John Veage

Re the joint police and marine exercise at entrance to the dog waking beach at Wanda.

I understand that marine safety exercises have to be carried out and applaud the bravery of officers who work in this distressing job. 

However, whoever organised these exercises to be carried out, on two mornings lass week at the entrance of Wanda dog beach between 8-10 am needs to seriously rethink their career choice! 

Most dog walkers leave their leads and things at the entrance to the dog beach as I did on Tuesday and Friday morning only to return and find barriers blocking the exit.

There appeared to be over 25 officers completely ignoring our plight as we struggled to clamber over barriers to retrieve our belongings. The distress caused could so easily been relieved if just one of them guided us through or had pre-warned us of their exercise.

Dog exercise areas in the shire are woefully inadequate for the amount of dog owners here. 

Why can’t we share sports fields that are under used during most of the week. 

There seems to be a mentality here to penalise all dog owners because of a minority of irresponsible people who do not pick up after their dog.

What about stopping all boat owners from sailing in our bay because of the few who throw their litter over the side of the boat or banning all fisherman because some irresponsible ones discard their plastic bait bags without any regard to the damage it does to marine life 

Carolyn Collins, Burraneer