Kogarah to New York for fashion designer Lisa Qu

US base: Fashion designer, Lisa Qu.

US base: Fashion designer, Lisa Qu.

Dreams of cracking one of the world’s fashion capitals was a far away dream for Kogarah designer Lisa Qu.

Corporate flow: A design by Lisa Qu, who moved from Kogarah to New York to pursue her fashion dreams.

Corporate flow: A design by Lisa Qu, who moved from Kogarah to New York to pursue her fashion dreams.

But the 21-year-old talent took the style reins by the straps and made it a reality.

Three years ago she moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons Art and Design School.

Ms Qu has now launched a label that aims to empower women with sophisticated wear in the workplace.

From boardroom to the bar, her designs capture modern elegance, and she has racked up a nice 10,000+ followers on Instagram.

Preferring to work in collections rather than seasons, the designer draws from her Asian heritage to create a fusion of structural details and timeless silhouettes.

Her dimensional shapes and clean lines are a nostalgic homage to the origami creations her mother use to make for her as a child.

The outcome is a capsule collection that celebrates powerful women.

Fabrics are sourced from the US and Japan, and are manufactured in the heart of New York’s Garment District.

“It has honestly been a surreal experience seeing my visions come to life,” Ms Qu said.

“I used to design for the woman that I aspired to be but I’ve come to realise that aspiration is overrated.

“All women are powerful, sensual and unapologetically beautiful in their own right.”

She says her label is a celebration of the feminine form that strives to empower women.

“Women’s professional dress has always been based on men’s suiting, emphasizing the most dominant characteristics of being a man,” she said.

“I think the blazer and blouse ensemble needs a little re-imagining.

“I want to encourage women to express their femininity in the workplace without compromising their perception of professionalism.”